Poppy: Are you ready for step 2?
Good, let’s begin.
[a strange sound begins playing]
We’re almost there.
This’ll only take a second.
Hopefully it’s not too much.
Hang in, we’re almost there.
That feels good, doesn’t it?
[the sound stops]
And there you have it.

Poppy: Are you ready for step 1?
Look directly into the centre of your screen.
[a strange sound similar to the one in “Sunglasses” starts]
You’re doing great.
We’re almost done.
Isn’t this so much fun?
[the strange sound stops]
You did such a good job.
I’m so proud of you.
Thank you for being here with me today.

Unknown: You will pledge your allegiance to Poppy.
You will do anything Poppy says.
Poppy loves you and will always love you.
Poppy welcomes you into her universe.
Feel the love of Poppy flow through you.
Feel the pulse of the internet as we become one.
Prepare yourself for Programming Sequence Two.
Programming complete.