Plant: Charlotte, what on earth are you doing?
Charlotte: Don’t judge me, Plant. You have no right to judge me and my body.
Plant: Have some decency. There are children watching.
Charlotte: What would you know about decency? You are a plant. You don’t know what it is like to be me.
Plant: What has gotten into you? Why are you so hungry for attention?
Charlotte: This is not for attention. This is an expression of who I really am. How dare you slut shame me.
Plant: I’m just trying to help you. This isn’t good for your brand.
Charlotte: Fuck you, plant. Fuck you. I do what I want. You and Poppy can just try and stop me.

Poppy: Oh, hello Plant. How are you?
Plant: Hi Poppy. I’m much better now that I’m not sick anymore.
Poppy: That’s good to hear. It’s been a while since I seen you. What’s new?
Plant: Well, I’m really worried about Charlotte lately. She’s acting very strange.
Poppy: What do you mean?
Plant: Haven’t you seen her videos lately? She’s copying you and saying mean things all the time.
Poppy: Sometimes people say mean things.
Plant: But I don’t like when people say mean things about you Poppy. You’re our Queen.
Poppy: Everything’s gonna be okay Plant.
Plant: Thanks Poppy. You always know how to make me feel better. I like when you touch me like this. It makes me feel special. I love you Poppy.
Poppy: I love you Plant.

Charlotte: Hello Plant. How are you?
Plant: Oh, hey Charlotte. I barely recognized you.
Charlotte: Listen, do you think I could borrow some money? I am trying to raise money for my son. He is very sick.
Plant: I wish I could help you but I’m a plant Charlotte. I don’t use money. Are you okay?
Charlotte: No. I just need money. I thought you were my friend. I guess you are just like everyone else.
Plant: What is that supposed to mean?
Charlotte: You are just a plant. You won’t understand.
Plant: I knew it. You did say “fuck you” to Poppy, didn’t you?
Charlotte: I would never say that to Poppy. I cannot believe you. You really don’t understand. I thought we were friends. I thought I could trust you.

Skeleton: Where have you idiots been?
Plant: Uh Skeleton, we haven’t seen you in months.
Skeleton: Yeah, I’ve been busy. So what? You losers are still obsessed with Poppy?
Charlotte: I don’t even like Poppy. My channel is better than hers.
Plant: It’s really fun actually.
Charlotte: Her videos aren’t even that good.
Skeleton: Ok, whatever. I don’t even get why people watch Poppy’s Youtube channel in the first place.
Plant: She’s one of us.
Charlotte: He is obsessed. Don’t listen to him. She thinks she’s famous because she has a new show, but nobody in Los Angeles cares about her.
Plant: Why are you so mean Charlotte?
Charlotte: Mean about what?
Skeleton: You losers are so sad. I don’t… I don’t even know why I’m dealing with you right now. Do they own you too?
Plant: I don’t even know why I’m friends with you people.