Titanic Sinclair: And cut.  Oh hi. I’m Titanic Sinclair and I’m a director on the internet.
Poppy: Oh. Hi Titanic.
Titanic Sinclair: Hi Poppy.  This is Poppy.  She’s one of the many actresses that I work with on the world wide web.
Poppy: I’m ready for my closeup.
Titanic Sinclair: You run along now.  Here on the internet we like to make what I call movie magic and I… I hope you’ll join us in this adventure as we make something out of nothing. Thank you for tuning in and I hope to see you soon.

Poppy: Hey, come here.
Hi everyone. I’m Poppy.
Welcome to Poppy’s World.
Everything is magical and happy here and nobody dies.
I wish everyone could live like Poppy and live in ecstacy.
I’m in love with the beautiful things that surround me.
My favorite things are fashion, music and Youtube.
It feels nice when somebody likes my photos on Instagram.
I love how it feels when you subscribe to my Youtube channel.
Will you do anything I say?
I love you.
Will you do anything I say?
I love you.

Poppy: Don’t believe everything you see.
Here in Hollywood we call it movie magic.
Make sure you like, and bubscribe, and I have you.
I have you.
Distorted Voice: Just keep looking in that direction.
Don’t stop looking in that direction.