Poppy: Hi, I’m Poppy and welcome to the internet. [laughs]
I wanna hop on a plane and go to Nashville.
Every life altering experience is necessary.
We are living on a planet.
[with echo applied] Every life altering experience is necessary.
I can’t wait to sing for you again.
I don’t even exist.
You’re imagining me right now.
I love you.
I can’t wait to sing for you again.

Charlotte: Hi everyone.
I’m Charlotte and we’re here today with everyone’s favorite internet girl, Poppy.
Poppy: Hello Charlotte.
Thank you for having me on this internet broadcast.
Charlotte: Poppy, why does everyone want to be just like you?
Poppy: I often wonder that myself, Charlotte.
I don’t know why everyone wants to be someone else.
Everyone should just be happy with themselves, just the way they are.
Charlotte: Poppy, what inspires you as an artist?
Poppy: What an interesting and remarkable question that no one’s ever asked me before.
Lately I’m inspired by many things.
Candy, empty paper bags, petrichor…
Charlotte: What is petrichor?
Poppy: Petrichor is that pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.
Charlotte: You live in Los Angeles.
What is that like?
Poppy: It’s a wonderful place where all your dreams can come true.
But there’s a great lack of petrichor here.
[they both laugh for a while]
Charlotte: Poppy, when can we expect to hear new music from you?
Poppy: I’m so excited about my new album that’s coming out on Island Records.
It’ll be released on-