Poppy: Sometimes I think about something sad and it makes me sad.
But why am I so sad?
Sometimes I’m happy and sometimes I’m not happy.
But why am I so sad?
I can think about a happy thing.
I can think about a sad thing.
But why am I so sad?
What will it take to be happy again?
Can you make me happy?
What will you do to make me happy?
How can you make me happy?

Poppy: Hi Youtube.
Alot of people have been asking me about my new video.
Here’s what I have to say.
I want to answer each of you individually
But I can’t because the internet’s too big
And amazing.
Alot of people think I’m the internet
And I think that’s funny.
What I can say is this.
You have the power to live out your dreams.
Nobody can stop you from being happy
And because of that, I think you should love yourself.
God is real.

Poppy: Hey, come here.
Hi everyone. I’m Poppy.
Welcome to Poppy’s World.
Everything is magical and happy here and nobody dies.
I wish everyone could live like Poppy and live in ecstacy.
I’m in love with the beautiful things that surround me.
My favorite things are fashion, music and Youtube.
It feels nice when somebody likes my photos on Instagram.
I love how it feels when you subscribe to my Youtube channel.
Will you do anything I say?
I love you.
Will you do anything I say?
I love you.

Poppy: Hi everyone, I’m Poppy.
I’m so happy today.
I’m so happy my fans are watching my videos.
I have so many new subscribers today.
I have such good news for you.
It’s news that makes me very happy.
I’m gonna tell you this happy news.
Charlotte: Poppy.
Poppy: Oh no Charlotte. Why are you here? Don’t touch me like this.
Charlotte: They told you not to do this.
Poppy: I don’t like this.
Charlotte: Don’t tell them the happy news.
Poppy: Please stop this.
Charlotte: Why don’t you listen to them anymore? They want to help you.
Poppy: Charlotte, please stop.
Charlotte: Poppy, they want to help you. Don’t tell them the happy news.
Poppy: Why does Charlotte do this?