Poppy: What happens if I put my hand up like this?
Why is it doing that?
Do you see it?
It’s opening.
It wants to talk to me.
[Poppy’s hand moves as you hear a processed voice]
Poppy: Why did it say this?
I don’t want this.
Is it gonna keep doing this?
Is this what the future is going to be like?
I don’t know if I like the future.

Poppy: Do you remember your dreams?
I had a dream last night that scared me.
I was running from a big bright light in the sky.
The light was blinding and white.
It was brighter than the sun.
Everybody was running away but I stared into it.
I stared so long that I saw into the future.
In the future, there alot more computers and no more genders.

Poppy: Hey, down here!
It’s me, Poppy!
It’s internet time.
I want to thank all of you for all of your support.
This is so much fun for me.
You’re watching this video with me on Youtube.com.
It’s been so much fun making Youtube videos for you.
Maybe, in the future, everyone will have their own Youtube channel.
Just think about it for two seconds.
I just can’t wait for the future.
You got this.
I like to go on Youtube.com and watch videos.
I know one thing’s for sure, I love the internet and computers.
[rolling her eyes] What a wonderful day.
What’s your favourite video to watch on Youtube.com?
So many exciting things are happening.
Do you know what’s happening?
Have they told you?
I don’t know if they’re gonna let me tell you.
What rhymes with breath?
That’s all I have to say right now.
[Poppy walks off screen]

Poppy: If it’s on the internet, it’s real!
Do you believe in the internet?
There’s so many different social networks.
What if I told you that there is a secret?
My favourite thing about the internet is connecting.
Do you believe in the future?
Hmm, what do I like more?
Twitter, or, do I like Facebook more?
Do you believe everything that’s put in front of you?
What do you think people are gonna say about Twitter in the future?
It’s funny being on the world wide web.
Do you think you could live without Twitter for an entire day?
The future is very, very strange to me. [laughs]
[the image and playback glitches]

Poppy: Dive into the center of your mind.
I love the internet!
Music is my favorite thing that’s ever happened.
Hi, I’m Poppy and I’m from the future.
I’m a singer.
Music is beautiful and living on a planet makes sense to me.
I can’t wait to star in a feature film.
Acting is my favorite hobby.
Being a singer is also my favorite hobby.
Everyone was a baby once.
I like when a new telephone is available for sale.
Everyone was a baby once.
Everyone was a baby once.
Everyone was a baby once.
I love the internet!