Poppy: Do you like Doritos?
Do you like Coca-Cola?
Do you like Froot Loops?
Do you like Pringles?
Do you like Pizza Hut?
Do you like Subway?
Do you like McDonald’s?
Do you like KFC?
Do you like Oreos?
Do you like Chef Boyardee?
Do you like Wendy’s?
Do you like Taco Bell?
Do you like Mountain Dew?
Do you like Monster energy drink?
Do you like Red Bull?
[long pause]
Do you like Taco Bell?

Charlotte: I’m Charlotte, and we’re here today with everyone’s favorite internet girl, Poppy.
Poppy: Hi Charlotte.  Thank you for having me again.
Charlotte: Poppy, everyone wants to know what your internet videos are about.
Poppy: Well, sometimes they’re about my childhood, and sometimes they’re about the things in my life that I desire most.
Charlotte: What kind of music are you listening to right now?
Poppy: I like the sound it makes when something wet hits something metallic.  I don’t know what the genre of music is, but I like it.
Charlotte: Poppy, what is your favorite food?
Poppy: My favorite food is donuts covered in Froot Loops.
[Poppy pulls out a donut covered in froot loops and takes a bite]
Charlotte: Poppy, when can we expect to hear new music from you?
Poppy: I’m so excited about my new album coming out on Island Records.  It’ll be released on…