Poppy: This is a very exciting time for us.
Who’s us?
I’m Poppy for starters…
and I have in front of me a number of students…
who are in my classroom.
Those who are trying to prepare themselves for entry into heaven.
Now is a very interesting time…
and you could say I don’t believe you…
but that’s not important to me.
What is important to me is Earth…
and the son of my father is also important to me.
How do you get into the kingdom of heaven?
What is eternity?
How do I become a disciple?
Am I a disciple or am I a student?
If you want to visit the next level, you’ll have to come with me.
You want to come with me?
Are you an opponent?
I hope to be of some service to you.
I believe in a very short time we’ll be there.
My thoughts will always be with you.