Poppy: [speaking into a microphone; her voice echoes and rises in pitch] Hello.
Why does that sound so funny?
[speaking into the microphone again, this time with pitched down echoes as well] Hellooo.
Monster energy drink.
Those are some of my favorite things.
My favourite part about Monster energy drink is the logo.
What else should we say?
Ooh, I like that.
The devil.

Charlotte: Hello internet.
I’m Charlotte and I’m here again with Poppy.
Poppy: Thank you Charlotte.
You look more beautiful than ever today.
Charlotte: Thank you Poppy.
I hear you have a new song coming out.
Poppy: Yes, we just completed the music video for my new song “Lowlife”.
Charlotte: What can you tell me about this exciting music video?
Poppy: There are so many fun things that happen in this music video.
The devil even makes an appearance.
Charlotte: The devil?
Poppy: Yes, he eats a banana.
Charlotte: Who on earth came up with such a strange idea?
Poppy: It was directed by Titanic Sinclair.
What an amazing director.
Charlotte: I am excited to watch this groundbreaking new music video.
Poppy: I can’t wait for you to see all my fun outfits.
Charlotte: Poppy, do you know how to read?
I wish I could read.
Poppy: love reading books.
Lately I’ve been reading this book called the Holy Bible.
Charlotte: What is it about?
Poppy: It’s a very easy read, even at 479 pages.
Charlotte: That is interesting, Poppy.
I’d like to hear more about this book you call the Holy Bible.
[Poppy’s phone rings]
Poppy: Oh, please excuse me for one second.
Phone: [unintelligible]
Poppy: I’m sorry, you must have the wrong number.
Charlotte: Poppy, thank you so much for talking to me today.
Poppy: Thank you Charlotte.
I always have a fun time speaking with you on the world wide web.
Charlotte: I mean it, Poppy.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for being my friend.