Poppy (right): Oh look. It’s me. Hi me.
Poppy (left): Hello.
Poppy (right): Wow.  She looks just like me. Wow. It’s like magic.
Poppy (left): Hi, I look just like you.
Poppy (right): Wow, you look just like me.
Poppy (left): Good job.
Poppy (right): I’ve been practicing.
Poppy (left): Where have you been?
Poppy (right): I like you.
Poppy (left): I like you too.
Poppy (right): She’s fun.

Poppy: What if there was 3 of me?
What would you do if there were 3 of me?
I can make this happen.
I can make it happen very quickly.
Do you wanna see it?
Do you wanna see 3 of me?
Ok, let’s go.
[2 Poppy clones appear on each side.]
Now there’s 3 of me.