Poppy: You’re thinking about thinking, aren’t you?
You haven’t thought in a while, have you?
I know exactly what you’re thinking.
Am I making you think?
How do you think I know?
I can see that you’re really thinking.
I gotta say, I tapped into it… and it really feels good.
I like you.
Do you wanna know what it’s like to be me?
Do you really wanna know?
Okay, I guess you do.
I appreciate you thinking this way.
What’s the next thing that’s gonna happen in my life?
We may never know.
We may know in three seconds.
And now we know.
Now it’s in the past.
Do you remember that?
I miss that.
I miss the past.
Can we go back?
Really, can we go back?
Can you help me go back?
We’re gonna go back, aren’t we?
We’re going back.
I’m with you.
That feels nice.
I like thinking about the past.
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