Poppy: What do your dreams feel like?
I keep having the same dream over and over again.
Do you ever have this dream?
I had a dream where I could breathe for the first time.
The sun is in my eyes and it feels so good.
The light in the sky is blinding but I can’t look away.
You can have this dream too.

Poppy: Hi, it’s me Poppy.
I’m so excited about my new video.
In this video, I’m gonna talk about how happy I am.
How happy are you?
Are you happy most of the time?
[the backdrop changes from white to a dull grey]
Are you happy all of the time?
[gasps] Oh no!
[Poppy lifts her hand up to reveal a pink bunny ring on her finger]
Bunny: Poppy, tell them about how much you hate me.
Tell them!
Tell them!
Poppy: But no, I don’t hate you.
Bunny: Yeah you do, you hate me.
C’mon, tell them.
Poppy: No, I swear, I don’t.
Bunny: Remember that one time that you said you hate me?
Poppy: Why are you saying this?
Bunny: Tell them you hate me.
Poppy: But I don’t hate you.
Bunny: C’mon, you hate me, remember?
Poppy: No.
Bunny: Bye.
[the bunny disappears in a cloud of pink smoke; the backdrop changes back to white]
Poppy: Why?