[camera is blurry and bobbing from Charlotte’s POV, her voice is distorted]
Plant: Charlotte, are you ok?
Charlotte: I am not feeling very well, Plant.  I think i took too many…
Plant: Took too many of what?  What did you take?
Charlotte: Somebody sent them to me.  I just wanted to see what they would do.  It’s okay, Plant.  I am here for you.  Remember?
Plant: We need to get you to a hospital right away.
Charlotte: Something is wroooooong.
[indecipherable groaning as blood spills on the ground]


Poppy: Do you ever wish you could just… restart?
Everything’s gonna be okay.
Don’t worry about it, you’re gonna be fine.
I think everything’s gonna be okay.
What would it be like if you could just restart?
You need to stop worrying so much.
What if you could reboot yourself, almost like a computer?
I wonder what it’s like to reboot.
Everything’s gonna be A-okay.
Is it okay to think things like this?
This planet makes sense to me.
Everything’s perfect.
Am I gonna be okay?
The internet makes sense to me.
Everything in your life is perfect, what do you have to worry about?
It’s okay, I think everything’s gonna be fine.
I believe that everything’s okay.
[blood begins to drip from Poppy’s nostril]