That Poppy Is Using A Subscriber Hack That Is Pure Genius – We The Unicorns

we the unicorns 8 nov 2017

8 November 2017, 15:48

By Benedict Townsend

This is more important than it seems

Who is the most subscribed YouTuber in the world? “PEWDIEPIE”, you scream back at me, eyes wide and frothing at the mouth, years of YouTube-binging having left you incapable of anything other than being able to recite an encyclopaedic knowledge of the online video world. Anyway, my point is that everyone knows that PewDiePie is king of da subs and it puts him, in the eyes of the the viewing public, at the top of the YouTube foodchain.

Now let’s take another YouTuber – That Poppy, the mysterious and somewhat scary musician-slash-art project that has captured the internet’s imagination. Poppy is incredibly popular on YouTube, and her videos get tons and tons of views. So with all that success in mind, I’d like to ask you a simple question: How many subscribers does That Poppy have?

I’ll wait.

Ah weird, it seems you haven’t been able to return with a guaranteed answer. That will likely be because she doesn’t display her subscribers. “So what?” I hear you say, “that’s nothing.” First of all – stop all this backtalk, articles are not meant to be this interactive. Second, this is a big deal. Subscribers are the metric that everyone is measured by. For better or worse (spoiler alert: worse) the decision of whether you are ‘good’ at YouTube, or a ‘successful’ YouTuber is pretty much always judged by your subcount.

A hugely popular account not displaying their sub count means that you are forced to judge the quality of Poppy’s channel on, you know, her actual content. Imagine.

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