Circa Interview with That Poppy

December 31, 2017 07:05 AM EST

By Nathalie Basha

Poppy is… well, there are no words to really describe Poppy.

She’s a YouTube sensation, a pop singer, and, I’m convinced, an alien. A very cute, ingenue-type — but an alien nonetheless.

Poppy is her own beautiful enigma. Just take a look at her interview with us, and you’ll see why. For instance: we asked her if she’s dating anyone. Her response?

“They won’t let me.”

Um, what? They? Who is they?

We asked her that, too. Her response only confounded us more, but that’s Poppy. That’s what she does.

Her YouTube videos are weird, haunting, and sometimes make absolutely no sense. She ruminates on all sorts of topics, including love, fame, technology and God.

It’s much weirder and harder to explain than it sounds here, and it’s just something you have to see to understand.

For example, Poppy has a video called “I’m Poppy” in which all she says is “I’m Poppy” … for a full 10 minutes.

By the end, you’re all…


And then you click on another video. And then another.

Part of Poppy’s allure is the intentional mystery about her. Who IS this girl? Is this a character or the real her? Is she an Illuminati? (These are real questions that were thrown around in the newsroom during the editing of this story.)

We don’t even know how many subscribers she has on YouTube. She’s disabled that function on her channel, which goes against the grain.

Most YouTubers boast about their hefty subscriber base. In YouTube-landia, subscribers are currency. Poppy shrugs at that convention, as she does with everything else. Her videos rack up millions of views, though, so it’s safe to assume she’s got a huge subscriber base hiding somewhere in there.

But Poppy is also a pretty talented singer with a number of wildly popular singles under her belt. (Look up “Lowlife,” a super catchy song you’ll be humming in no time.)

She’s signed to Island Records, and goes on tours around the world. Her music videos pull in mega-viral numbers on YouTube. Her songs may be catchy and, well… ”Pop-y” (ooh, see what I did there?) but she stays in character throughout all of it.

Just trust us, you’ll be a Poppy convert in no time.

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