6 SXSW Artists Poised To Break Out – Forbes

forbes 8 march 2017


MAR 8, 2017 @ 03:01 PM

Emily Blake


Tech nerds, film enthusiasts and music fans alike are dusting off their boots this week for the annual mecca to Austin, Texas, for South by Southwest. If you’re lucky enough to have a SXSW Music badge, the possibilities can seem daunting, with about 2,000 acts confirmed throughout the nine-day event. And considering SXSW has been a launchpad of sorts for now-household names like Norah Jones, LCD Soundsystem and M.I.A., if you pick right, you could find yourself at an intimate gathering with music’s next big thing.

So which SXSW artists are the most likely to make it big? Let’s look at data provided by Next Big Sound, a data analytics company owned by Pandora that tracks social and streaming data for hundreds of thousands of artists around the world in order to predict the up-and-coming artists most likely to break big. Here are seven SXSW artists who are worth checking out this year in Austin, based on their social and streaming buzz.

That Poppy comes off like a Dadaist art project in the body of an internet-obsessed millennial pop star. And people can’t get enough of her. She’s built a bit of a cult on YouTube, where she speaks in a baby voice about social media, says “I’m Poppy” over and over for 10 minutes, or reads the bible for almost an hour. But it isn’t just these videos that are getting attention, but also her official singles. “Lowlife,” for example, saw a nearly 300% lift in spins this month compared to last month. That Poppy has been gaining steam on Twitter, too, where she’s added an average 566 followers per day over the last 90 days and over 1,500 mentions over the past 30 days. So if you found Lady Gaga’s paint-vomit performance at SXSW 2014 not quite weird enough, give her a shot.

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