February 12, 2016

by Tyler Peterson

We featured her in our Class of 2016, and boy did she deserve it. That Poppy has released her debut EP, Bubblebath, and it is a little collection of some major millennial masterpieces. The EP begins with her first single, the reggae infused “Lowlife”, but includes three new tracks as well.

“Money” and “Altar” are about as tongue and cheek as it can get, and are certified retro bangers. With lyrics like, “If money can’t buy happiness then why is it so fabulous,” there isn’t much to disparage on. “American Kids” takes a more serious and self-deprecating note, speaking out against stereotypical millennial lyrics (namely, the insistent “we’re cool because we do drugs” songs).

Blazing full force with her Electra-Heart-meets-Princess-Peach persona, That Poppy is demonstrating some serious staying power with her committed visual and sonic aesthetics. If she isn’t your newest pop obsession, prepare for her to be.

Bubblebath EP came out February 12th via Island Records.

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