That Poppy Proves She’s a Star in the Making With New EP – Lemonade Magazine

lemonade 19 feb 2016

Feb 19, 2016

I hate to brag (well really I don’t), but I think it was almost four years ago now that I accidentally stumbled upon a teenage singer by the name of “Poppy” while doing some social media research. At that time, she had double digit followers twitter and a few covers on her YouTube account. The first time I heard her though, I knew she was going to be something special. Shortly after, I got in contact with her and she ended up on the cover of our then monthly magazine.

Fast forward to present day and the now Los Angeles based songstress has finally released four original songs on her debut EP, Bubblebath. Much like I expected, the girl is a start.

In Bubblebath, Poppy takes us back to the glory days of 80’s and 90’s pop music, laced with bits of punk and specks of ska. The first single off the EP (“Lowlife”) features some heavy inspiration from Gwen Stefani, but dare I say Poppy sports a much better voice than Stefani has ever had. Sure, she lacks a bit of the grit and angst that Stefani does so well, but overall, Poppy has more range and is a bit more dynamic at a very young age.The album also features the wonderfully bubblegum pop track, “Altar”, a track just as radio ready as the debut single.

If you follow That Poppy on social media, it’s no secret that the girl is just a tad on the strange side, but that is all part of her appeal. Probably the most refreshing part of that is that it’s just naturally how she is, you’ll understand what I mean once you’ve heard “American Kids”.

I said it in 2012 and I will say it now. Poppy is going to be the next big thing in pop music. You will see her on MTV, you will see her picking up awards and you will see her music streaking to the top of the charts. Bubblebath is only just the start of something really big.

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