Jul 29, 2015 @ 4:00 pm

By Galore Girl

Poppy’s big eyes and platinum blonde hair are what first drew my attention to the pop singer. Her playful sense of style makes her look like the doll my mother never let me play with. It’s not just her porcelain beauty that makes Poppy so intriguing though, it’s her music. As I sat down to listen to her perform, still admiring her sense of originality, I realized That Poppy has a talent most don’t: The ability to make songs that people can’t get out of their heads! From the way she dresses to the music videos she makes, That Poppy is one big art project. After her performance, I sat down with Poppy to ask her all about her style. Let’s just say, I’ve been thrifting a little bit too much since our conversation…

Where do you shop?

Different thrift stores all around LA!

What do you tend to look for while you’re thrifting?

Colors and patterns tend to be what my eyes go towards. I definitely experiment with the way I dress.

You’re from Nashville! Do you think living there made it easy to experiment with your style?

I really like to get clothes and make them into my own thing. Nashville let me experiment because the clothes in thrift stores are super cheap, so I could cut them up. As far as feeling comfortable experimenting with clothes, there’s a certain scene of people in Nashville who play with their fashion. I don’t want to seem like a scenester! There are definitely people who dress more conservative as well, but I fit into the more colorful side of things.

Did you ever make any mistakes while you were figuring out your style?

I had this phase when I used to live in Nashville where I would go thrifting and get XXXL shirts and wear them as dresses. I’d be swimming in my clothing and it looked terrible. Seeing the photos of me after the fact helped me realize how bad it was! I’ve learned that fitted is always better.

Do you have any style influences?

Cindy Lauper! And my older sister has a really unique style. When I was 6 years old she bleached my hair and dyed it red while my mom was grocery shopping. That kind of started my whole…self expression thing [Laughs].

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