Lemonade Podcast with Poppy

Lemonade Magazine: Tell us a little about yourself, Poppy.

Poppy: I’m originally from Boston and I started getting into music for real when I was about 14, I guess. That was about the time when I moved to Nashville. I moved here, because my dad switched his job and we kind of wanted to start over, so I was like, “Nashville!” And my parents went with it – which was kind of weird – so yeah, we ended up in Nashville.

LM: Well, good choice on your part considering the musical history of the city! What’s it been like for a young artist like you in a city known for music?

Poppy: There’s definitely a lot of country artists, but Nashville is more than that now and over the past few years there has been more of a rock influence, I guess you could say. Competition-wise there has been a lot of snobby girls *laughs* and guys too, some have big egos and that’s cool for them I guess, but I am little different.

LM: I love the original stuff I have heard from you, but what I saw first were your covers of The Black Keys and Young The Giant on YouTube. What bands are really inspiring you right now?

Poppy: It’s funny, I was actually against the whole YouTube thing initially. People were like, “You should make YouTube videos!” and I was like “No, that’s not me!”. But in the short time I have been doing it, it really has given me a lot of opportunities. Random ones that I didn’t even know existed. I definitely like Young The Giant a lot! Their live shows are amazing and I am really into a band called Walk The Moon recently. There’s also another band called Miniature Tigers who I really like too.

LM: Playlist Live was your first live show. How did you manage to get through that?

Poppy: Yeah, it was indeed my first show and there was a ton of people there! I don’t know the exact total, but I think there were four or five hundred people there while I was playing. I only played three songs, but I was really scared. I was trying to play mind games with myself like, “You’re not scared, just think about what you’re going to eat afterwards.” *laughs* So that’s how I got through it…thinking about the food I was going to eat afterward.

LM: Always good not to eat before, right? Just in case the nerves get to you… *laughs*

Poppy: *laughs* Yeah.

LM: As brand new as you are, the public hasn’t heard most of your originals yet. Can we expect to see any type of release soon?

Poppy: Yeah, definitely. I am going to try and get something out; at least an EP before the end of the year. I like the kind of raw/indie sound, but I do love pop too. So I guess it’s going to be like indie-alternative rock with a touch of pop as well, I like a lot of random stuff.

LM: You’re very active on Twitter. What are some of the upsides and maybe downsides of social networking to you?

Poppy: One of the upsides is that I don’t have a lot of friends and so my followers are like my friends. I have like 450 followers now I think and every time it goes up I am like, “Yay! New friends!” When I went to public school nobody liked me, so I didn’t have many friends. The internet is my friend now. It’s pretty awesome, but kind of lonely at the same time.

LM: What else makes Poppy tick?

Poppy: I like video games. I just played my friend David in Mario Kart and I kicked his butt! I like to skateboard and I do like jujitsu, so that’s some random stuff.

LM: So you have a few ways in which you could kick someone’s butt…

Poppy: Yeah, I can choke people.

LM: Any favorite skateboarders out there?

Poppy: I love Rob Dyrdek! He’s awesome.

LM: Do you have any plans for some more live shows now that you have the first under your belt?

Poppy: Yeah, I am not sure of any exact dates yet. I’d really love to get some more original stuff ready too, so I don’t end up playing a bunch of covers. I am going to Poland though in August. We get to play a quick set there, since there is a big list of other people who are playing. I think that’s August 1st to the 16th, so it’s pretty exciting, since it’s my first time out of the country.

LM: You’re headed over there with a few other YouTube personalities, right?

Poppy: Yeah I am headed over with Meekakitty, Nanalew and HeyHiHello. They are good friends with each other. I am staying with the guys from HeyHiHello’s house right now and they are friends with Meekakitty, so yeah. I am not sure about the whole list of people. I have to check again, but it was funny, they made a mistake a few days ago with my name and I was cracking up. I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard. My manager sent me a link to the list of people performing, I am looking over it and so I look to where my name is supposed to be and it says “Poopy”! It was so funny, I was like, “Are you kidding me!?” *laughs* My manager, Lori, was like, “You can have your own toilet paper line!” and I am like, “Thanks….” *laughs again*

LM: You are also going to be at VidCon in Anaheim in June, right?

Poppy: Yeah, hopefully I will be performing, but I am definitely going! Kina Grannis as well as a lot of other YouTube musicians are going to be there and I hear it’s bigger than Playlist as well. I heard the “Chocolate Rain” guy is going to be there (Tay Zonday) and I’m like, “Yes! I have heard so much about this guy!” I’ve seen his video. He’s awesome.


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